Tó, a 12-year-old boy, is a happy, helpful child and a talented flutist. He lives with his parents on a dairy farm. His father oversees the business, employing over a dozen men. Tó has grown close to the people and animals around him. When Mad Cow Disease strikes the farm, his father decides to kill any cow with altered behavior. Hopeful that he can find a solution for this calamity, Tó finds out that the melodies he plays on his flute seem to calm down the agitated cows. Despite Tó’s musical enchantment, the farm faces decline and his father decides to sell the property. When a potential buyer, a middle-aged Portuguese emigrant from Paris, visits the farm, Tó is fascinated. Not unaware of the effect of his charm, the man takes advantage of the young boy’s unknowing receptivity. This incident creates in Tó a secret romantic pursuit. Yet, his infatuation is never reciprocated again and the flute loses it’s enchantment.

Director: Alexander David

Producer/s: André Gil Mata

Country of Production: Portugal