Después de nada

Después de nada


Desoués de nada revisits the filmed diary of a shipwrecked journey in search of the experience of emptiness, from the Nepalese Himalayas to its antipode in the Chilean Atacama Desert, in order to continue the research initiated in previous projects. Throughout the journey, the artistic and philosophical search is crossed by the experiential and emotional, transforming itself through the love story between a European girl (the director) and a Nepalese citizen (Sandeep) that inevitably activates the mechanisms of power, dragging them to an obligatory and gradual disappearance. From a kind of earlier future, Super 8 footage and memory combine to reflect on the deterministic power of the real, embracing experimentation, uncertainty and the incompleteness of existence.

International Title: After Nothing

Director: Carla Andrade

Producer/s: Pilar Monsell (Proxémica), Gonzalo E. Veloso (Testaferro)

Country of Production: Spain

Project Status: Development / Editing

Estimated Length: 60’