To live in a shout

To live in a shout


Lola Sar is a Galician architect dedicated to humanitarian projects, related to the consequences of armed conflicts. She lives in tension between action and the inability to give answers to a world in constant destruction. Exhausted, suffocated and burnt out, Lola travels endlessly between southern European countries, refugee camps, congresses and humanitarian summits. When she discovers the face of Fariha in the media, a colleague who had decided to cross Europe, she begins a desperate and obsessive journey to find her, knowing that she may never succeed. Faced with failure and unbearable pain, Lola breaks down. She returns to Spain and is forced to begin a process of recovery that she had never before allowed herself. Her body manifests the implacable weight of history: a body worn out, colonised and paralysed by the violence that Lola has endured.

Director: Diana Toucedo

Producer/s: Andrea Vázquez e Alba Sotorra

Country of Production: Spain