“Two Serious Ladies” is an American novel written in 1943 by the prodigy Jane Bowles—her only novel, written when she was only 24. It is the story of two unique women who are driven to try to be themselves. Our film will also introduce a third serious lady, a narrator based on Bowles herself, muse and model for her own characters. In the film Three Serious Ladies, we meet our narrator Edith Auer convalescing at a Mediterranean convent, near the end of her life. She’s on the far end of a losing battle with illness, but still has enough magnetism and charm to talk the young nun looking after her into a trip to the local dive bar. There, under the guise of a final confession, she relays the strange story of Mrs. Copperfield, Miss Goering, and a young woman from New York who made a new life in Tangier.

Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari

Producer/s: Athina Rachel Tsangari

Country of Production: Greece