Lignano Sabbiadoro, Friuli. Summer is coming to an end. Serena, a young woman in her twenties, is a waitress in her aunt’s hotel. Serena would never have thought that Giulio, her ex-boyfriend, would invite her to go on a trip with him. As chance would have it, she is jobless and longing to escape, craving for freedom and holidays. Reality never quite matches expectations and leaving with an ex is never a good idea, so she quickly ends up on her own for the first time in her life. Although she did not travel very far, with the past always on the lookout and the melancholy her fear of the unknown triggered, her encounter with Tiziana, a young lifeguard, will make Serena stronger. Even though she comes from a small village, did not study and became a waitress, she too can choose for her life, feel beautiful and eventually free to dream for her future.

International Title: Serena

Director: Alessandro Comodin

Producer/s: Thomas Ordonneau (Shellac), Tommaso Bertani (Ring Film)

Country of Production: France – Italy

Project Status: Development

Estimated Length: 100 min.