Montaña ou morte

Montaña ou morte


In the mountains of southeastern Galicia, a group of hunters still live in connection with nature. For several days they will face the end of winter in the final hunts of the year. Love and death. The wild and the artificial. The human and the animal. Mountains in the mist. Winter with its perpetual rain. The darkness of the forest and the light of the peaks. Everything that happens when man is not there. A black horse roaming the snowy mountains. The knowledge of the hunters; their search and their waiting, their hierarchies. Their silence. The ritualisation of the everyday. The barking of the pack in the distance. The tracks, the footprints, the smells. The gunshots. The violence. The suffering. The hunter’s dilemmas, his doubts, his ambitions. Listening. Loneliness in the mountains. The prey. The trophies. The bar. The blood impregnating everything. This exalted story. The contradictions of the human condition contained in the practice of hunting. Rock, snow, fog and fire.

International Title: Mountain or Death

Director: Pela del Álamo

Producer/s: Felipe Lage (Zeitun Films)

Country of Production: Spain

Project Status: Development

Estimated Length: 80 min.