Mil Ourelas

Mil Ourelas


Eladio works in the Ancares mountains as a forester. For years he has shared his passion for the forest with his friend, Lisa. Now Lisa is ill and does not have the strength to leave the house. Eladio tries to help him, though he doesn’t quite know how. Eladio’s difficulties coincide with the disappearance of an old man from the parish, Xacobo, who will drive the neighbours into the woods, and with the appearance of a bear that Eladio will have to track down. During the lulls of the search, Eladio tells Lisa remembered or imagined stories. Stories from here and there that form the horizon of the inhabitants of the region. Stories that speak to Lisa. And that speak of the ways Eladio finds to continue the relationship on the edge of life.

International Title: Woodland Bounds

Director: Sebastián Uría

Producer/s: Olaia Ledo Díaz (Nós), Oliver Laxe (Filmes da Ermida)

Country of Production: Spain

Project Status: Development

Estimated Length: 80 min.