Mare’s nest

Mare’s nest


A world without adults. Groups of kids live unfettered by the tyranny of adulthood. A girl leaves prison, picked up by a boy in a car. They return to their friends living in a vast quarry on an island. They perform plays for one another. They talk about love, death and creatures of the night. A young minotaur is confused in a labyrinth. The girl leaves on a pilgrimage, going through an underworld populated by decrepit adults barely seen. She emerges into another land, climbs a mountain and meets a sage and their translator. She asks the sage about the Earth, the times, language, the future. Only partially satisfied by mysterious answers, the girl leaves to find her own way in the world. She hot wires a car and drives along a desert highway listening to her favourite song, shutting her eyes, laughing.

International Title: Mare's nest

Director: Ben Rivers

Producer/s: Andrea Queralt (4 A 4 Productions)

Country of Production: France – UK

Project Status: Production

Estimated Length: 80 min.