La casa en la frontera

La casa en la frontera


La casa de la frontera tells the story of a family that receive a visit from three diplomats bringing an important message: the new border between two countries is going to cross their dwelling. They are grateful and celebrate the good fortune of getting to be part of an historic event. But once the new order is in place, any gesture such as going to the bathroom, watering a plant or putting a piece of gnocchi in their mouths could spark an international conflict. The idea of making this film arose when the Finnish parliament passed a law (in July 2022) to strengthen border protection with Russia. This text included the possibility of installing a fence of between 130 and 260 kilometres to block access to the territory. The inhabitants of Karelia who used to enjoy free transit between the two countries are now deprived of this right. The conflict is not only bilateral, it also affects Karelians. The Karelian region is now also the border between NATO and the CSTO.

International Title: The House in the Border

Director: Andrés Duque

Producer/s: Andrés Duque

Country of Production: Spain

Project Status: Development

Estimated Length: 80 min.