Elena dió a luz un hermoso niño

Elena dió a luz un hermoso niño


This is a self-portrait filmed by the Riera Fiter family in various amateur film formats over seven decades. Births, celebrations, holidays and everyday life were recorded with the aim of capturing time and building future memories. Like Sisyphus, Miquelina Fiter intuitively understands that life will be an incessant repetition of events that follow one after the other, and she films them with the confidence of one who knows her destiny. “All Sisyphus’ silent joy is contained therein. His fate belongs to him. His rock is his thing.” In these domestic images, the micro-history, the lights and shadows of a country, its history and its future, seep through. Time passes, neither slowly nor quickly, epochs follow one after the other, and from the present more questions than answers arise. A film in which knowing the ending does not spoil the journey.

International Title: Elena Gave Birth to a Beautiful Child

Director: Chiara Marañon & Juan Soto Taborda

Producer/s: Ricard Sales (LaCima Producciones), Sandra Tabares Duque (Sandelion Productions)

Country of Production: Spain – Colombia

Project Status: Post-Production

Estimated Length: 120 min.